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Zoning Board of Adjustment Virtual Meeting

  • Date: 06/04/2020 7:30 PM  
  • Introduction: The Board is a quasi-judicial body and its procedures are similar to those used in a courtroom. The chairperson conducts the meeting as a judge might and the Board is comparable to a jury that votes to make a final decision. Each application is reviewed in accordance with MLUL procedures.

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The June 4th Zoning Board meeting will be a Virtual WebEx Meeting

Event address for attendees:

Audio conference:

Dial +1-408-418-9388

Access code: 711 652 880

Application Materials

Below are the most relevant application materials for each of the applications.  Additional materials (e.g., stormwater management report) are not provided below due to file size restrictions.  If you wish to review any additional materials please contact the Board Secretary, Christine Woodbury at 732-873-2500 x6215 or via email to arrange a time during regular business hours to review the materials.   Alternatively, if there is a particular additional item you wish to inspect contact Ms. Woodbury and we will try to email it to you.

1340 Hamilton Street LLC - (ZBA-20-00004) - 1340 Hamilton Street (Block 80, Lot 1.01)

Application form and attachments

TRC staff report


Diamond Investors & Builders - C Variances  (ZBA-19-00030) - 61 Juliet Avenue (Block 160 Lot 1.01)

Application form 

Original architectural plan

Original plot plan

TRC staff report

Revised front elevation

Revised Ray St elevation

Revised rear elevation

Revised right side elevation

Revised finished basement

Revised unfinished basement 

Revised 1st floor 

Revised 2nd floor 

Revised plot plan


Elion Acquisitions, LLC - D(1) Use Variance, “C” Variances, Minor Subdivision and Site Plan (ZBA-19-00043) - 47 Veronica Avenue and 74 & 102 Bennetts Lane (Block 88.02, Lots 13, 25, 26, 72): 

Site Plan Application Form

Subdivision Application Form

C Variance Application Form

D Variance Application Form

Site Plan

Subdivision Plan


Environmental Impact Statement

Traffic Impact Study

additional exhibits

Site plan rendering

Aerial exhibit

Architectural exhibits

Circulation plan exhibits - sheets 39-42