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  • Griggstown Native Grassland Preserve

    Griggstown Native Grassland Preserve (16)
    1. Address:1091 Canal Road
      Griggstown, NJ 08540
    2. Phone:(732) 873-2500 ext. 6279
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 Griggstown Native Grassland Preserve (3)

The Griggstown Grassland Preserve- Part of the Ten Mile Run Greenway

The 447 acre Griggstown Native Grassland Preserve was acquired by the township over a 20 year period, but the township began to aggressively purchase land for this Preserve in 2001.

The Preserve’s meadow is 102 acres and another 345 acres are woodland. The Griggstown Preserve connects to the other 218 acres of the Ten Mile Run Greenway - the Bunker Hill and Franklin Park Natural Areas.

Together, the two portions of the Greenway total 665 acres.

Unique Wildlife and Landscape Features Sensitive species found on this site include:

  • Grasshopper Sparrow and Bobolink (both New Jersey state threatened species)
  • American Kestrel and eastern box turtle (both New Jersey special concern species)
  • Short-eared Owl (New Jersey special concern species - non-breeding) Bluebird nest boxes and the Barn Swallow structure offer an opportunity to view these bird species.

Standing at the southeastern most corner of the Red Trail offers an exceptional view of the Sourland Mountain Ridge. Although 7.2 miles from the park, visitors can easily view the Sourland Mountain Ridge which is 568 feet at its highest point. The ridge spans roughly 20 miles across corners of Hunterdon, Mercer, and Somerset Counties. Although the underlying geology of this region makes it undesirable for farming, this same geology makes the Sourland Ridge an important source of freshwater in the region.

The traprock deposits of New Jersey are of late Triassic, early Jurassic age. Habitat Restoration at Griggstown Native Grassland Preserve Grassland meadows provide critical habitat for more than 40% of NJ’s threatened, endangered and species of special concern. To assist these species, the township engaged in extensive habitat restoration activities included removing 5,800 feet of fence and hedgerow - an important step in creating 102 acres of meadow.

In 2005, half of the meadow was restored with a mixed planting of native grasses and native wildflowers. Passive Recreation Activities This Preserve’s six trails take visitors through restored grasslands and mature forests.

The trail system in the entire Ten Mile Run Greenway is over 13 miles in length – with the trails in the Griggstown Preserve totaling nearly 5.5 miles. But these trails connect to other trails that transverse the entire length of the Ten Mile Run Greenway.

Interpretive signs at select locations provide a brief background of the surrounding area.

Eagle Scout projects include a constructing a kiosk, trail construction and marking, building a Barn Swallow nesting structure and the placement of Bluebird and bat nesting boxes throughout the western portions.

This is a carry-in/carry-out facility.

There are no restrooms on site.

Trail Map

Due to vandalism Griggstown Geo-Cache is no longer available on this property. The town is looking for alternate sites for GeoCaching trails in the future

Geotrail is a unique journey through local New Jersey history across the scenic landscapes of the Griggstown Grassland Preserve. Participating cachers will have the chance to visit the grounds of the preserve to tour many interesting sites and discover some cultural landmarks around this Franklin Township property.

The Griggstown Geotrail is designed to be very family friendly and accessible by the greatest number of people, but in the interest of hidden off the paved trail, they are not all wheelchair accessible. The Griggstown Geotrail caches are placed with approval by Franklin Township, no new caches will be allowed at their Griggstown Native Grassland Preserve property without first obtaining written permission by Franklin Township.

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