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High-ding In Plain Sight-Community Drug Awareness Seminar

Post Date:10/08/2018 4:59 PM

High-ding In Plain Sight

An Important Community Drug Awareness Seminar

What you DON'T know could KILL them!

Monday, October 22, 2018
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Franklin Township Municipal Building
Council Chambers
475 DeMott Lane - Somerset



You won’t believe what’s been ‘high-ding’ in plain sight, and what you’re missing could kill your kids. Vaping, Edibles, Legal Synthetic Highs, Fake Dietary Supplements, Instantly Addictive Opiates...and much, much more!

Drug use, intoxication and concealment have benefited from dramatic advances in science and commercial creativity. Every element, from sale, to delivery, to possession and use is now effectively accomplished right under the nose of parents and officials. This riveting presentation drags all these secrets into the light of day; giving communities the real opportunity to save lives.

Can you reliably detect intoxication? Is it safe to have Korova cookies at your next party? Is vaping really harmless? Have you actually been buying illegal drugs for your kid without knowing it? What does Robitussin have to do with heroine use? Is that graphic T-Shirt screaming drug use for all to see? Why are so many kids today becoming poly-drug users before they even graduate high school?

More that 16% of American teens grow up to be drug addicts, but we can protect yours. Register for this class and get an amazingly rare look behind the drug scene. With over 100 hands-on displays of drug placebos, popular paraphernalia, concealment devices and subtle danger signs, this is the most visually stunning and practically informative drug prevention class in the country. Combined with our nationally acclaimed, expert instructor, you will be entertained, enlightened and empowered to make a real difference in your community.

Register now!

Taught by the U.S. National DARE Officer of the Year...Timothy Shoemaker

If you’ve got a teen, you simply MUST attend this lifesaving event!

 Share this flyer, invite your friends, neighbors, families, loved one!

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