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Post Date:08/16/2019 8:30 AM


The Somerset County Recycling Division is providing two 65-gallon wheeled recycling totes to residents. Each tote has a different color lid (yellow and lime green). Stickers on the lids indicate what materials are to be placed in the totes.

The tote with the lime green lid is for the cardboard and paper products, and the tote with the yellow lid is for commingled glass, cans, and plastic materials.

color can descriptions


Accepted items are as follows for the paper tote (lime green lid): Newspapers, inserts, junk mail, magazines, catalogs, envelopes, paperback books, corrugated cardboard, colored paper, clean pizza boxes, office and school papers, shredded paper, chipboard boxes including cereal, cookie, pasta, cake, cracker, detergent (remove plastic liners), gift, shoe, shirt and any retail boxes, paper egg cartons, paper bags, books (hard covers must be removed), phone books, non-metallic gift wrap and greeting cards. 

Accepted items are as follows for the commingled tote tote (yellow lid): Aluminum, steel and bi-metal cans, glass bottles (all colors), glass jars (all colors), plastic bottles and containers #1 - #7 (Examples: water, soda, milk, juice, soap, detergent, bleach, shampoo, and cleaning-agent bottles). You may also include peanut butter, yogurt and diaper-wipe containers, margarine tubs, plastic trays and clear plastic clam shell containers from restaurant salad bars.


The County will NOT take the following items: Plastic bags, Styrofoam®, garbage cans, flower pots, or kitty litter containers.

Tote AreaFLaug2019

The BLUE section on the map are the residents the County is converting to dual stream totes in Franklin Township.

The totes will be handed out on August 29th and the first pickup will begin on September 12th.

For the printable map please click here


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The below information was distributed to each resident:

Dear Resident:
Congratulations on receiving your two new 65 gallon recycling “totes”. They have wheels to easily move around and have lids that are permanently attached. The equipment that will collect these totes will employ a state-of the-art truck that not only services customers quickly, but also addresses the safety and health concerns of employees. The new technology eliminates the need to physically lift and dump the totes, reducing many injuries, particularly to the back and shoulder areas. These totes are supplied by Somerset County for the collection of RECYCLING ONLY. They will remain the property of Somerset County and if you move, you must leave the totes for the next owner. Please remember that the totes will be your responsibility to properly care for and store. Any loss or damages done to the totes by you will carry a fee. These totes cost approximately $35.00 each. If during the course of normal wear and tear your totes become unusable, please call us to arrange for a repair or a swap out if necessary.


When you receive the totes:

  1. Place the totes curbside the NIGHT BEFORE your scheduled pick up.

  2. The totes must be placed no further than 3 feet from the edge of the street with the wheels facing your house and the front of the totes facing the street, with a two foot spacing between totes.

  3. Totes must not be placed behind cars, mailboxes, telephone poles, garbage cans, or any obstruction that will make it difficult for the operator to pick them up.

  4. These totes are to be used for RECYCLING ONLY.

  5. Do not place trash, bulk debris, wood, grass, dirt, paint cans, hazardous chemicals, or any other materials that would not be considered recycling.

  6. All separated recycling must be placed inside the totes. Each tote is labeled for the type of material that should be placed inside. All cardboard boxes are to be broken/cut down to fit into the recycling tote.

  7. You may keep your 20 gallon recycling container for any extra recyclable material, or contact us and we will pick up the old container.


We thank you in advance for your cooperation.
Any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 732-469-3363.

Thank you,

Somerset County Recycling Division

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