The Trails Advisory Committee (TAC) members are





Mark Fortin, Chair



Vanessa Jones, Vice-Chair



James Kullogowski



 Ann-Marie Orlusky



 Charles E. Martin



 Tom Lewis



Govind Seshadri



Mayor Phillip Kramer,
Council Liaison



Tara Kenyon, AICP/PP, Land Preservation and Management Consultant

The ordinance that established the TAC states: 

A Township of Franklin Trails Advisory Committee is hereby established to involve trail users and Township residents in advising Township departments, the Manager and the Council on issues related to trail acquisition, design, maintenance, and use. 


The Township of Franklin Trails Advisory Committee is advisory to the Mayor, the Manager, and Township Council and makes recommendations to promote, protect and assist in the development of enjoyable, safe, convenient trail opportunities for pedestrians, bicyclists, and equestrians throughout the Township of Franklin planning area. Duties of the Trails Advisory Committee include:


  • identifying current and future trails interests and needs of the community;

  • identifying trail opportunities and options during development review, and analyzing alternatives for maximum potential benefit;

  • making recommendations to the Township Council on trail policies and design issues;

  • making recommendations on the acquisition and development of trail facilities, and trail use;

  • conducting trail surveys for maintenance and safety recommendations;

  • reviewing and commenting on public and private development actions to promote trails interests; and

  • other related duties.