Committee Members

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Members of the Joint Citizens Advisory Committee for the Village of Kingston (KVAC)

Description: Advise and assist the Councils; Planning Boards; and the Administrations of both the Township of Franklin and the Township of South Brunswick on matters related to the designated Village Center of Kingston and its Environs

Requirement: Consist of seven members jointly appointed by the Township Council of both the Township of Franklin and South Brunswick.  

The Board meets the second Wednesday of the month at the
Kingston Community Room, Laurel Avenue School Building, Laurel Avenue, Kingston

(Take path, to left of building, to rear entrance behind the School)

Anne Zeman (South Brunswick Member), Chair
Robert von Zumbusch (7th Regular Member), Vice Chair

Keith Chase, Franklin Member
Bernard Hvozdovic, South Brunswick Member
Karen Linder, South Brunswick Member
Catherine Pavelec, Franklin Member

Kelly Probst, Franklin Member

Township Council Liaisons
Councilman Joe Camarota, South Brunswick Township
Councilman Ted Chase, Franklin Township Council 

Township Planning Department Liaison
Mark Healey, Franklin Township

Bryan Bidlack, South Brunswick Township