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Preservation Options

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There are several methods for land preservation that can be utilized, depending on the the landowners wishes and the best use of the property. The Township is willing to work with anyone interested in preservation in determining if the property in question is eligible for preservation, and provide guidance in the best vehicle of preservation for the property. 

Preservation offers many benefits to the landowner and the community, such as: 
*The landowner may be able to reap significant tax benefits when a "bargain sale" is completed.

*In an easement purchase, the landowner retains fee-simple ownership of the land, meaning that they can continue living on the property, or sell it at a reduced price in the future 

*Landowners can also sell the property fee-simple to the Township, with the Township paying most of due-diligence costs associated with the transaction

Franklin Township is always looking for ways to expand our existing trail network, provide recreational spaces and opportunities for our residents, enhance the agricultural industry and encourage healthier physical and mental lifestyles through nature. If you are interested in potential preservation, please contact Tara Kenyon, Land Preservation and Management Consultant, at or (732) 873-2500 x6279.

We look forward to working with you!