Future Developments

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The Redevelopment Agency has named developers for three portions of the Renaissance 2000 Redevelopment Tract:

  • Somerset-Douglas redevelopment area, located at the corner of Douglas and Somerset Street along the easterly portion of the tract will result in the construction of approximately 114 units of housing.
  • Leewood Development Group more centrally located in the tract will consist of approximately 226 units of housing with 113 affordable units of which 50 shall be rental.

  • RPM Development Group, was named the developer for the last remaining portion of the tract, a 45 acre area from Millstone to Churchill Avenues along Route 27. It is anticipated that the area will contain a large mixed use development consisting of up to 437 residential units and 94,000 square feet of retail/commercial space. The development will also provide approximately 128 units of affordable family rental housing.