Task Force- Compressor Station 206 & NESE

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Northeast Supply Enhancement Project

FERC Docket No. CP17-101

Franklin Township’s Council, Environmental Commission & Board of Health have each passed resolutions opposing the Northeast Supply Enhancement Project with Compressor Station 206.  Click here to view the resolutions.

The Franklin Township Council established an ad-hoc committee opposing the Williams/Transco Compressor Station 206 on February 14, 2017. 

Mission: To make recommendations to the Township Council and to inform the public of activity regarding the Williams/Transco Northeast Supply Enhancement Project (NESE), whose plans include a compressor station STA206 in Franklin at Trap Rock Quarry, and how this proposed project would impact the environment, health, safety and welfare of Franklin Township community and visitors.  

Health & Safety Issues:

  • Health and safety of residents and visitors

  • Contamination of the air, soil and water in the local area

  • Environmental impact of heat, exhaust, noise, emissions and leaks

  • Franklin Township services to the local area such as fire, ambulance, police, and utilities

  • Property values

  • Quality of life

Please join us at Task Force meetings to learn what’s happening and ways to help.

The list of meetings can be found by clicking here.

The Franklin Township Task Force can be reached at stopFTcompressor@yahoo.com

See the Franklin Township Task Force website with information and actions to take www.scrap-NESE.org


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