Send eComments

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send eComments to FERC

Send eComments to FERC

Go to

  • Put cursor over Documents & Filings section on the blue ribbon at the top of the page.

  • From the drop-down menu, select “e-Comment”. Click the e-Comment orange button.

or go to and only do the next 2 steps

  • Fill-in the required information [name, email address, phone # (optional)],

  • Then- type the characters in the picture into the box provided.

  • Click “Authorize”.

Check your email – Look for “FERC eComment Request” email.

  • In this email, click on the first link to display the “Submit eComment” screen.

Enter the Docket Number

  • Enter the Northeast Supply Enhancement docket number: CP17-101

  • Click “Search”.

  • After a moment, the Northeast Supply Enhancement application will appear in the search results. Click the blue “+button to add it to your “Selected Dockets”. Click “Next”.

Enter Your Comments

  • Enter comments by typing directly onto the screen or Copy & Paste your comments from a word or text document.

Note: The form is limited to 6,000 characters (including spaces) and does not allow attachments. Your session will time-out after 35 minutes, so if you want to enter something long, the Cut & Paste method is recommended.

Send Comments

  • Click the “Submit” button.

Send Comments to the NJDEP people responsible for permit applications:


  • Identify yourself as an Intervenor.

  • Each comment should only address one topic.

  • Copy & paste a selected comment to FERC from the ideas on

  • Name the file & save it as a Word document.

  •  Personalize and revise this sample submission.

  • Add your name at the end.