Emergency Management

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Emergency Management

Coordinator John Hauss
732-873-5533, ext. 6305

Deputy Coordinator, Lt. Philip Rizzo  
732-873-5533 ext. 3129
Deputy Coordinator, Sgt. Brian Farrar
732-873-5533 ext. 3134

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Mission Statement

The Franklin Township Office of Emergency Management, focuses on the protection of life and property for all residents, businesses, (including their employees), and the traveling public. OEM provides protection through the latest body of knowledge and current Emergency Management practices as set forth in federal, state, and county regulations. OEM personnel provide protection through study, planning and application of all phases of Emergency Management, while concentrating on mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.

The EOP has detailed information covering preparedness, response, mitigation and recovery of a disaster that may occur within the Township. The EOP focuses on the following areas:

1. Alerting and Warning
2. Fire and Rescue activities
3. Law Enforcement activities
4. Public Health awareness
5. Emergency Medical Services
6. Evacuation procedures
7. Shelter placement and deployment
8. Check-in procedures and shelter management
9. Resource Management
10. Coordination with the media
11. Department of Public Works activities
12. Tactical Operations from the Emergency Operating Center
13. Damage Assessments of public infrastructures and buildings
14. Handling of Hazardous Materials
15. Terrorists activities
16. Radiological Protection