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Kathy Moody, Director of Revenue and Finance/CFO
732-873-2500, ext. 6244

Office Hours
8:30 AM- 4:30 PM
Monday - Friday

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Mission Statement:

It is the mission of the Finance Department to efficiently provide timely and accurate accounting, pre-auditing, control, receipt, custody and disbursement of municipal money and accounting of municipal assets.

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 CY 2018 CY 2017   CY 2016
CY 2015  CY 2014 CY 2013
CY 2012
TY 2011
FY 2011
FY 2010

BOE Budget

2018 Calendar Year Budget Information 

CY 2018 Introduced Budget

2018 Manager's Budget Message

2018 User Friendly Budget

2018 Adopted Budget


2017 Calendar Year Budget Information

  2017 Budget

2017 User Friendly Budget

2017 User Friendly Budget (Excel version)

2017 Manager's Budget Message

2017 Manager's Budget Presentation

2017 Supplemental Debt Statement

2017 Annual Financial Statement

2017 Annual Debt Statement

Franklin Township FINAL 2017 Audit & Annual Financial Statement

2016 Calendar Year Budget Information

2016 Budget

2016 User Friendly Budget

2016 User Friendly Budget (Excel Version)

2016 Annual Debt Statement

Annual Audit & Financial Statement

2016 Supplemental Debt Statement

Franklin Township February 8, 2016 Council Budget Meeting

Franklin Township Fenruary 16, 2016 Council Budget Meeting



  2015 Calendar Year Budget Information

User Friendly 2015 Budget

2015 Budget

Click here for February 9, 2015 Budget Hearing Video and Agenda

Click here for February 12, 2015 Budget Hearing Video and Agenda

Supplemental Debt Statement 2015 

2015 Annual Debt Statement

2015 Annual Financial Statement

Annual Audit and Financial Statement Part1
Annual Audit and Financial Statement Part2

 2014 Calendar Year Budget Information

2014 Budget

Annual Debt Statement 2014

Annual Audit Summary CY 2014

Annual Financial Statement CY 2014 

Annual Audit and Financial Statements CY 2014 Final

Click here for March 10, 2014  Budget Hearing Video and Agenda

Click here for the March 13, 2014, Budget Hearing Video and Agenda

Click here for the March 24, 2014 Budget Hearing Video and Agenda

2013 Calendar Year Budget Information

2013 Budget

Annual Debt Statement 2013

Annual Financial Statement CY 2013

Annual Audit 2013

2012 Calendar Year Budget Information


Annual Financial Statement 2012

Annual Audit 2012-Final

2012 Calendar Year Adopted Budget

2012 Calendar Year Municipal Budget Summary

2012 Calendar Year Budget Message


2011 Transition Year Budget Information

TY 2011 Budget

Transition Year 2011 Audit

FY 2011 Adopted Budget

Budget Message

Annual Debt Statement SFY 2011


2011 Fiscal Year Budget Information

Financial Statement 2011

Annual Debt Statement TY 2011

Fiscal Year 2011 Audit

Annual Audit for SFY ending 6/30/11

FY 2011 Current Fund (pg 1-82)

FY 2011 Current Fund (pg 83-164)

FY 2011 Capital Request

FY 2011 Water Utility 

FY 2011 Open Space


2010 Fiscal Year Budget Information

Fiscal Year 2010 Audit
Annual Debt Statement 2010

Financial Statement FY 2010
Fiscal year 2010 Budget
2006-2010 Budget Comparison


Board of Education Budget Links

2015-2016 Budget

2014-2015 Budget