File of Life

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Franklin Township Police Department

 Public Safety Building 
495 Demott Lane • Somerset 
New Jersey 08873

Telephone 732-873-5533



File of Life 

The Franklin Township Police Department is pleased to announce the Franklin Township Police Department’s "File of Life" program.  The "File of Life" is a medical information packet designed to provide emergency personnel with pertinent medical information to assist first responders with immediate medical treatment.

The "File of Life" will replace the old “Vial of Life”.  The “Vial of Life” was a small vial kept in the refrigerator which contained a small piece of paper with household member medical information.  Problems occurred with the small vial getting lost within the refrigerator, delaying emergency medical treatment as well as a causing moisture to collect within the vial, making the medical information illegible.

The "File of Life" refrigerator magnet is a red vinyl packet containing a medical information card for each household member.  It contains a sticker that is affixed to the front door or window of the house to alert emergency personnel that the file is exists. The "File of Life" is used in 49 states and can be found in approximately 2.5 million households nationwide. The program has saved many lives.

What does it do?

Quickly provides emergency personnel and first responders with important medical information for household members, including emergency contact telephone numbers (i.e. Physicians, Emergency Contacts, etc.) police/medical personnel responding to a medical emergency at your home.

How does it work?

  1. Simply complete the "File of Life" contact information card with the medical information for each household member.
  2. Insert the completed information card in the red "File of Life" magnetic pouch,  and place the pouch in a conspicuous location on the outside of your refrigerator door in the kitchen of your home. 
  3. Affix the "File of Life" sticker on a glass portion of your front door OR a window near your front door where it can be easily seen by emergency personnel and first responders.

Each person in your home must have THEIR OWN information card.
Multiple cards may be placed in one magnetic pouch.

If you have questions or an interest in participating in the "File of Life" program, please contact:
Lt. Kristen Durham at 732-873-5533, ext. 3118