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Fall Leaf Cleanup Information

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Falling Leaves—Use Them Or Bag Them

The Township annual leaf collection program information follows. But one alternative for dealing with leaves is backyard composting. Composting results in a dark, friable, partially decomposed substance similar to natural organic matter found in the soil The end product can be added to enrich the soil, used as mulch to control weeds, used in potting soil, and can help reduce alternate freezing and thawing of soils which injure roots of plans. To learn more, contact Rutgers Cooperative Extension and ask for Fact Sheet 074,Backyard Leaf Composting, and Fact Sheet 117, Using Leaf Compost. More information is also available at or 732-932-9306.


Annual Leaf Collection

Township logo leaf bags or stickers are no longer required.  Any purchased 30-gallon biodegradable brown paper recyclable leaf bag from a home improvement center or store can be used.  The Township no longer sells leaf bags or provides free replacement bags when dropped off.



All leaves MUST be placed in the 30-gallon biodegradable brown paper recyclable leaf bags.  LEAVES ONLY in the bags. Bags containing grass and/or other debris will be rejected. Bags need to be hand lifted onto the trucks, so please limit the weight of each bag to 25 pounds.


During the months of October, November and December, the bags shall be placed by the occupant or owner of any residential dwelling or structure at the curbside on days designated and specified by the Department of Public Works. At all other times during the year other than the months of October, November and December, the owner or occupant of a residential dwelling or structure shall deliver the leaves in the biodegradable brown paper recyclable leaf bags to the convenience center, when open. 


Curbside Leaf collection dates

Residents should place the leaf bags at the curb before 7:00 AM on Monday.  Depending on the work load for the week, leaf bags may be picked up in the zone on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesdays.

Please see the 2019 Leaf Bag Zone Map for the zone which your street is in for pickup

Zone 1: Week of October 28, November 11, and November 25

Zone 2: Week of November 4, November 18, and December 2


Leaves brought to the Convenience Center:

Any brown paper recyclable leaf bag may be dropped off at the Convenience Center when open. Leaf bags cannot be emptied.  Plastic bags are not permitted. No bags should be left after hours.  No bags shall be brought to the DPW building at 40 Churchill Avenue at any time.