2020 Franklin Resurfacing Projects






Arlington Area -

Inlet  and manhole work to begin on or about 7/20 - Weather permitted

  •  Dayton Ave (Oakland to Franklin)
  • Arlington Ave (Easton to Highland)
  • Shelly Dr
  • Girard Ave (Belmar to DE)
  • Kyle Rd
  • Surrey Rd
  • Rodney Ave (Arlington to Oakland)
  • Berger St (JFK to DE) 



Ninth Street and Willow Ave-

Pre Construction Meeting Scheduled with Contractor

Jacques Lane Reclamation 

Awarded to Contractor



Academy Rd Area  

Out to Bid

  • Emerson Rd – Fairfield Rd to Academy to Demott
  • Gloucester Dr
  • Callaway Terr
  • Darby Rd
  • Bedford Rd
  • Nina Ct
  • Fairfield
  • Prescott Ct
  • Shirley
  • Academy Rd




Updated 07/08/20   2:06 pm









Any questions, please contact the Department of Public Works at x 6290