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Coaches Corner

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“Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.” 

– Michael Jordan



Through sports and recreation, our community will have fun learning the benefits of physical activity, the strength in teamwork, value of sportsmanship, fight childhood obesity, and respect others differences in a safe and supportive atmosphere.




1.    Encourage participation

2.    Provide positive reinforcement

3.    Have fun and be enthusiastic

4.    Lead by example

5.    Promote social interaction

6.    Foster self-confidence

7.    Achieve a trusting relationship

8.    Be an Adult Role Model

9.    Develop an active lifestyle

10.  Provide education on healthy living



League Information

Coaches Resource Websites


  1. American College of Sports Medicine's

  2. National Federation of State High School

  3. Rutgers Youth Sport Research Council


  4. CDC Heads Up Online Training Site


  5. Franklin Township Public Schools


  6. The Redwoods Group


  7. Moms Team


  8. National Council of Youth Sports


  9. Liberty Mutual “Play Positive”


  10. Positive Coaching Alliance


  11. Institute for Sport Coaching


  12. NJ Commission on Recreation for Individuals with Disabilities