As soon as we receive the certified rates we will proceed with our billing process. The 3rd quarter is still technically due August 1, 2018 but the grace period will be extended to 25 days from the date the bills are mailed by the tax office. Please note that the mailing date is key date, not the date that you night receive your bill.

At this time, these tax bills will also become available on our secure online payment system at this link.

Recreation FAQ

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  • How do I get a park permit?

  • How do I schedule an event in Colonial Park?

  • How does Recreation program registration and the lottery system work?

  • How much is a park permit?

  • I am currently having financial hardship. How can I/my children still be involved in Township activities?

  • I am not a resident of Franklin. Can I rent out the park?

  • I am on a waiting list for a Recreation program. How does the waiting list work?

  • I registered for a Recreation activiity and my check was cashed but I haven’t received a call. What do I do?

  • When is a special event permit needed?

  • Where can I take the Coach’s S.A.F.E.T.Y. Clinic?

  • Where do I call about Independent Sports Organizations?