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Mission Statement

It is the mission of this division to collect revenues charged through various assessments including property tax and water meter assessments. The Department also handles property tax deductions/reductions, health issues pertaining to debris and dilapidated properties, tax sales and certification of tax searches.

The functions within this department fall within 4 broad categories, they are as follows:







Throughout any giving year this department must collect revenue for the County, Schools, Municipality and Fire Districts. We must enforce collection for special assessments assessed against owners receiving a benefit for some kind of improvement to their property. We maintain records with regard to any type of property tax deduction and or reduction. We maintain files on these deductions to ensure proper repayment from the State.

Health issues pertaining to debris and dilapidation of properties are handled through this Department.

Homeowners buying or selling property in Town require Tax Searches that are certified through this Department. Final water billing between buyer and seller are handled as well.

The Tax Sale process enforces payment through placement of Municipal Tax Liens. Through this process I enforce payment of Sewer Charges for the Sewerage Authority as well as all other delinquent municipal charges.