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Water Utility FAQ

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  • I have a question about my drinking water, who should I call?

  • My water bill shows an unusual high usage, what should I do?

  • What do I do when I receive a door tag from the Water Utility?

  • What is a curb stops? How should I protect them?

  • What should I do when a Boiling Water Advisory is issued?

  • What should I do when Franklin Township Water Utility staff requests to enter my residence?

  • What should I do when I receive a door tag from Franklin Township Water Utility?

  • What should I do when the Boiling Water Advisory is removed?

  • Where does my drinking water come from? What is the source of my drinking water?

  • Who owns the water meter?

  • Who should I call when I have a water emergency outside of your office hour?

  • Why did I receive a notice from Franklin Township Water Department indicating the replacement of my water meter?

  • Why do I smell sewage in my drinking water?