As soon as we receive the certified rates we will proceed with our billing process. The 3rd quarter is still technically due August 1, 2018 but the grace period will be extended to 25 days from the date the bills are mailed by the tax office. Please note that the mailing date is key date, not the date that you night receive your bill.

At this time, these tax bills will also become available on our secure online payment system at this link.

Township Staff

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All Township staff may be contacted via email all staff emails are 

For example if a staff member is named John Smith his email would be

Please choose the first letter of the last name below or a department to find a staff member.

Barr, PatrickRecords ClerkPolice(732) 873-5533 ext. 2021
Bascom, EmmaDetectivePolice(732) 873-5533 ext. 3146
Belanger, CindyPurchasing AdministratorPurchasing(732) 873-2500 ext. 6239
Belitz, JoshuaPatrolPolice(732) 873-5533 ext. 3171
Beltran, KaylaPart Time Violations Bureau ClerkCourt(732) 873-5533 ext. 6263
Belvin, MalcomPatrolPolice(732) 873-5533 ext. 3232
Berardo, AndrewDeputy Director of Fire PreventionFire Prevention(732) 873-2500 ext. 6304
Biegen, JohnPart Time Building MaintenancePublic Works & Water Utlity(732) 873-2500 ext. 6238
Bird, LeonardPatrolPolice(732) 873-5533 ext. 3170
Bisignano, AnthonySgt.Police(732) 873-5533 ext. 3085
Bogert, III, P.J.PatrolPolice(732) 873-5533 ext. 3104
Booker, Jr., LawrencePatrolPolice(732) 873-5533 ext. 3151
Borlan, GregoryDetective LT.Police(732) 873-5533 ext. 3113
Borquist, MarkFire Prevention OfficerFire Prevention(732) 873-2500 ext. 6362
Brodie, AminPatrolPolice(732) 873-5533 ext. 3098