Township Staff

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All Township staff may be contacted via email all staff emails are 

For example if a staff member is named John Smith his email would be

Please choose the first letter of the last name below or a department to find a staff member.

Lacewell, JolandaSgt.Police(732) 873-5533 ext. 3126
LaGuarina, FrankBuilding Sub-Code Official Construction(732) 873-2500 ext. 6278
Lamb, AmandaDispatcherPolice(732) 873-5533 ext. 2700
Lanno, LukePatrolPolice(732) 873-2500 ext. 3123
LaSelva, CarissaPart Time Clerical Police(732) 873-5533 ext. 2035
Lea, RebeccaPatrolPolice(732) 873-5533 ext. 3155
Leach-Thompson, DianeDirector of Community Resource and ServicesCommunity Resources(732) 873-2500 ext. 6311
Leissing, AndrewPatrolPolice(732) 873-5533 ext. 3239
Lilavois, PatrickSgt.Police(732) 873-5533 ext. 3135
Livingston, RichardPatrolPolice(732) 873-5533 ext. 3198
Lupo, VincentConstruction OfficialConstruction(732) 873-2500 ext. 6228
Luthman, MichaelCode InspectorConstruction(732) 873-2500 ext. 6223
Lyons, DanielPatrolPolice(732) 873-5533 ext. 3173