Franklin Township

Community Farmers Market

The Township of Franklin has been long-time supporter of agriculture within the community. We are sad to say that after three seasons, the Franklin Township Community Farmers Market (FTCFM) has been cancelled for the 2020 season. Unfortunately, due to low vendor interest and low customer participation, holding the Market this year is not sustainable.

FTCFM has always been dedicated to promoting and encouraging the successful development of local agriculture by providing a marketplace of quality, locally grown foods and agricultural products.  Despite numerous attempts to solicit new vendors at the close of the 2019, Market organizers were met with little response. After an extended application period of 4 months, phone calls and e-mails to possible vendors, in-person solicitation of potential vendors at Somerset and Middlesex county markets, reviews of other markets’ techniques and best practices, and numerous meetings with the Farmers Market and Agriculture Advisory Committees, there were only three committed vendors. It is for this reason that we have chosen to close this season’s market.  

During the 2019 season, various attempts were made to bolster customer participation. Organizers brought in live music, a featured food truck vendor, community organizations – including the Franklin Township Public Library, Second Chance for Animals, the Franklin Township Board of Education, and more. FTCFM social media presence was significantly increased across several social media and mass customer contact platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Nixle. Theme days were added, as well as weekly giveaways and special events like National Farmers Market Week. FTCFM also offered free shuttle transportation and SNAP (with matching funds to increase buyer power) for the last two years. However, participation remained low making vendor participation unfeasible.

We encourage you to support the former vendors who expressed interest in participating in a 2020 market.






Mission Statement: The Franklin Township Community Farmers Market (FTCFM) is dedicated to promoting and encouraging the successful development of local agriculture by providing a produce marketplace where consumers from Franklin Township and the surrounding areas can have access to quality locally-grown or prepared foods and agricultural products. Such a marketplace offers a forum for citizens to better understand the uses and benefits of those foods and products and the value of the agricultural community. It will educate consumers and schoolchildren about the benefits of small independently owned farms and help build a greater sense of community for the whole population.


Buy Local. Buy Fresh.