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Community Youth Center Board Presentation


Project Mission Statement

The Franklin Township Community Youth Center will evolve from the youth and the overall community, serve the needs of the youth, and empower them to achieve greatness while making Franklin Township a better place to live.

Youth Center Brochure 


Core Values

Safe – safe physically, psychologically, and emotionally. Design to allow for excellent building flow and supervision in a way that is not intrusive.
Pride– take care of the place and the place will take care of you. Materials that are durable but still beautiful. There will be trust that our youth will take pride in the facility and take care of it.
Cool – vibrant place to be to have fun and learn. The best things to do happen at the Youth Center. Spaces a flexible in size and configuration to allow for various types of activities. 

Special – the design will reflect that this is a special place that will express the special things going on inside. People will look at the building and know that they are welcome to go inside and it will be fun (even if they learn something.)
Respect – since the project will grow out of the community, it will be the community’s job to make sure the facility is maintained and respected which will reflect the respect earned by the youth inside.

Learning – have various spaces to learn a lot of things, large and small, that help catapult youth towards bigger dreams.
Achievable – this project has taken a long time to happen. Make the right decisions so we make sure it happens now.