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Homecoming Hunt

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So your history has got a bit of mystery? Discover your inner super sleuth with the

Historic Homecoming Hunt!

Follow the hints to solve each clue at the historic sites that you visit.  The entry with all the answers will be entered in a raffle to win a prize!  Entries must be submitted to no later than 
11:59 pm on Friday, May 10, 2019.


Franklin Township Library

Which "famous" person wished the Franklin Township Library good luck in its new home in 1980?

The Aid and Detective Society of Franklin Park offered a $100 reward for the theft of what?

Can you name one member of the Franklin Township Committee in 1873? 


Griggstown Reformed Church

I can be found on top of a hill or wave;

or I can be a feathery attachment to a helmet.

Sometimes I crown the head of a bird,

But at Griggstown Reformed I depict royalty and faith.


Griggstown Bridgetender’s House

Ogdon Nash wrote-  "I don't mind eels, except as meals.  And the way they feels".  In 1860 they loved eels as meals.  Don't make a gaffe, spot our eel gaff.


Kingston Lock-tender’s House

This, in times of old, weighed grain to be priced and sold.

In this, accounts of trade and many books were laid.

Long gone the trains, but this sign remains.


Kingston Presbyterian Church Cemetery

This, a list contains, of those with here-buried remains.


Van Duyn-Van Wickle House

There's a number

That's hard to see

It starts with one

And ends in three

It's written on something

From the land

And signifies

A change of hands


Wyckoff-Garretson House

There's one in the back

And one in the front

It can be open

The same time it's shut

It has two but

Makes only one

And it's used by



Hageman Farm (House)

You talk to it then

It says what you say

But it doesn't talk back

It's hi-tech for its day

Big and bulky

And not pretty decor

Made by a famous

New Jersey inventor


East Millstone Bridge-tender's House

One if by sea

Two if by land

A large "A" marks the swing bridge

On which these men stand



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