Kingston Presbyterian Church Cemetery

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LOCATION:Kingston pres church

Kingston Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Church Street at Route 27, Kingston
(Entrance and parking on Church Street)


The Kingston Presbyterian Cemetery is the site of General George Washington’s “Conference on Horseback.” After the Battle of Princeton on January 3rd, 1777 Washington had his troops dismantle the bridge over the Millstone River to delay pursuit by the British. Washington stopped in the Kingston Cemetery, which sits at the edge of the plateau on which the village of Kingston is situated, where he held a conference with his officers and decided to turn left and proceed to Morristown rather than to [New] Brunswick. In a letter to the Continental Congress he stated “My original plan, when I set out from Trenton, was, to push on to Brunswic, but the harassed state of our troops, many of them having had no rest for two nights and a day, and the danger of losing the advantage we had gained by aiming at too much, induced me, by the advice of my officers, to relinquish the attempt.” On June 25th 1778 Washington and his Continental Army marched past the cemetery on their way to the Battle of Monmouth. The cemetery was founded in 1723 and is also the site of the original Kingston Presbyterian Church.


Kingston Historical Society
P.O. Box 323, Kingston, NJ 08528



The cemetery is open to all; historical information will be posted at the south Church Street entrance and a KHS member will be at the Cemetery to answer questions about the cemetery, the War of the American Revolution and the history of Kingston.





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