Wyckoff-Garretson House

Wyckoff-Garretson House

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215 South Middlebush Road


The Wyckoff-Garretson house is The Meadows Foundation’s only house museum.  The newest part of the house is an addition that was built in 1805, doubling the size of the house.  The original portion of the wooden structure dates to 1730, while the stone foundation that it sits upon dates to 1709.  The house is full of artifacts of earlier times, and there is a glass display case that houses the pieces of history that were discovered during an archaeological dig conducted on the site.  All three floors of the home are open to the public.  There is also a visitor center located on the first floor of the barn that sits at the top of the driveway.  



This site is stewarded by The Meadows Foundation, a non-profit established in 1977 for the purpose of obtaining, restoring, and maintaining historically significant homes and providing programming for the education, recreation and interest of the public and future generations. 

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Docent-led tours will be given in the home, and you may also wander around and look on your own.  Many items are fragile and very old – please keep an eye on children.  Be sure to get one of our “What Is It?” brochures!  There are items throughout the home that have numbered tags on them, and you have to find them all and guess what they are and what they were used for.  They are all “every day” items from back in the day, and some are still used today, relatively unchanged.  When you’ve made all of your guesses, you will find the correct answers in the brochure.  No peeking!  There will also be videos about colonial cooking playing in the media room of the visitor center.


The visitor center and first floor of the home are ADA-accessible.  The grounds are uneven, and may be soft in some areas.